Please note that Bangla SMS software and this website did not have any major update since 2006.

3SM Systems

3SM Systems is a BUET-based group of freelance programmers, please see About Us.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the rules?
Why are the rules so complex?
Why don't you follow the rules of the ... software?

Please do not compare our application with any of the Bangla Word-processors. Because the context is not the same here. In Bangla word-processors, you view your output at run-time, and type and edit your document on trial and error basis. But here you can not see the output readily. Our rules have been designed such that you can be sure how your written message would show up with the few rules (3 only) and a small number of special examples. Yes, we agree that like any Bangla Word Processing system, this one may also seem to be complex at first. But with little attention, you can become a power user of this system. We can state that, To this point, no bugs have been found in this software, that is any output is yet to be generated that does not follow our disclosed rules and exceptions. We request your patience considering the context and wait for your feedback or bug-report, if any. Yes, we are concerned due to the fact that the main rules and examples are not yet published in any of the advertisements of Bangla SMS. We have reported the users' confusions to Citycell in this regard and hope they are working on it. We have little to do here.

Why am I getting buggy output?

Probably you are missing the silent 'A' as the VowelCode after a ConsonantCode. This is our second rule. If there is no other Kar-s( I-kar, II-kar, E-kar, U-kar, UU-kar, Ree-kar), you HAVE TO give 'A' as the VowelCode after the ConsonantCode. Otherwise our program would try to make a Juktakkhor with the following Consonant. Please go through the rules and then the special examples.

Why not use only one 'A' instead of 'AA' ?

Because it would then be ambiguous with 'A'. Consider the words 'AAMI', 'AMI' and 'EMI'.

Why is Phonetic representation not completely followed?
Why do I have to write 'A' after a consonant where we do not speak that way?

The conversion of Bangla Messages in English alphabet into Bangla Messages in Bangla alphabet has been designed such that:

  1. Phonetic Representation is maintained to necessary extent.
  2. Where different representations are possible, user can choose EXACTLY which one to use by following the precise rules and examples.
  3. A standard complete phonetic representation model is not yet available, research is ongoing. Had we tried one, it won't have been completely transparent to the users, that is they might sometimes get confused with the output. While word-processing, there is always a chance to readily see the output and change it accordingly. But while messaging in Bangla using a different alphabet and where output is not readily available, it is necessary to make rules Strict, Small and Simple. Our current research is to make it as phonetic as possible, while maintaining a zero tolerance to buggy output.

Why is 'R' changing into a Ref / Ree-Kar/ Ra-fola in output?

There are four different representations for the same 'R'. If you write 'AARAMAAN', you won't get a Ref. If you write 'AARMAAN', you will. Follow the rules and special examples minutely and you would understand the reason.

Why is it limited to only 26 Bangla Characters by Citycell?

Because bigger messages are exorbitantly delayed by the SMS server. The English text messages can easily support 160 characters. But for a Bangla SMS message, picture messaging is used. And for a picture message, 1 to 4 SMS text messages are required. It has been observed that for bigger picture messages, the delivery is delayed by the server unexpectedly. That's why the limit has been set by Citycell so that users don't have to face that delay. Please see the rate page for more.