Please note that Bangla SMS software and this website did not have any major update since 2006.

3SM Systems

3SM Systems is a BUET-based group of freelance programmers, please see About Us.
We are grateful to some people who helped us for this work, please see Acknowledgement.
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How to install?

There are two methods of installing BSMS, via data cable or via GPRS.

  1. By data cable: If you have the a Java MIDP 2.0 enabled set as well as an appropriate data cable, you can easily download our software from General Download Location. Then you can install it right onto your set using the appropriate steps prescribed by your set manufacturer.
  2. By GPRS: If you have a GPRS enabled as well as Java MIDP 2.0 supported mobile set and connection, you can directly download our software from WAP Download Location : Then follow the steps as prompted.

Please do not download if you do not agree with any of the following clauses:

  1. This software may not be hosted at any other internet page nor may be distributed commercially anywhere without the prior written permission of 3SM Systems.
  2. The copyright of the full software is of 3SM Systems
  3. 3SM Systems is not responsible for any damage caused by the malfunction or inappropriate use of the software.

Using this Software:

Creating a Message:

  1. You can either use the up-down-right-left keys or follow the table below to create the desired Bangla message. In the second method, you will be able to type each independent Bangla using only two number-keys, the first one representing the row, and the second one representing the column.
  2. For conjunct letter (Juktkkhor), please press ** (Two asterisks) between the related letters.
  3. If you type *(Asterisk) after typing a row number, the corresponding numeral (0, 1, 2, 3.9 in Bangla) would be inserted.
  4. To insert the 'Kar's, eg: AA-kar, E-Kar etc, you can easily follow the phonetic method, that is type the 'Kar's after the letter, but 'Ref's before the letter.

Character Table

Sending the Message:

  1. After creating the message, you can select the Menu options to send it to the receipient.
  2. You can also edit a saved message from BSMS inbox or outbox and then send it.
  3. An increasing of pre-written message templates are also available for editing and sending.

Points to remember:

  1. Do not DELETE this software, use the UNINSTALL or similar menu option instead. Deleting this software may disable your set for further installation of this software.
  2. Remember, both the sender and the receipient of the message MUST have this software successfully pre-installed to view the message appropriately. So be sure whether the receipient's set has it installed before sending any message.
  3. When updates are available, try to follow the instruction EXACTLY as mentioned to avoid complicacies.
  4. Always download from General Download Location or WAP Download Location : for the latest version. We have plans to update our software very frequently, making any mirroring of this software at other sites to be obsolete.
  5. Please use our guest book for your feedback to improve this software,

You can download Manual from Download Location
For more, you can find our contacts here.